Which Sports Send the Most Kids to the Emergency Room?

Sports Medicine Midland, TXSports medicine is a big part of what we do at Urgent Orthopedic Specialists. We work together with athletic trainers, coaches, and physical therapists to help athletes from Midland, Odessa, Big Spring, Stanton, Andrews, and other towns to recovery fully and get back on the field or court as quickly as possible.

We recently came across a report from a 2016 report from HealthGrove.com that detailed the number of injuries that sent a player to the emergency room in high school sports. The report broke out national numbers for each sport and the number of emergency room visits. The one thing the report didn’t do was break out the injuries per athlete in the different sports, so sports with larger numbers of participants, such as football, would obviously climb higher in the totals.

Still, there are a few surprises here. Check it out.

The list of the top 20 high school sports by the number of injuries requiring a trip to the emergency room. These were the average number of injuries annually between the years 2002 and 2014.

  1. Bowling — An average of 764 injuries each year.
  2. Rugby — 1,214
  3. Field Hockey — 1,825
  4. Tennis — 1,915
  5. Skiing — 4,752
  6. Ice Skating — 4,999
  7. Horseback riding — 5, 581
  8. Lacrosse — 5,830
  9. Track and field — 8,194
  10. Weightlifting — 8,921
  11. Snowboarding — 9,608
  12. Ice Hockey — 12,336
  13. Volleyball — 14,304
  14. Softball — 18,119
  15. Wrestling/boxing/martial arts — 18. 174
  16. Gymnastics/cheerleading/dance — 22,671
  17. Baseball — 27,208
  18. Soccer — 45,475
  19. Football — 118,886
  20. Basketball — 119,589

Little bit of a surprise there at the top, eh?

Know that if your local high school athlete gets injured in his or her sport, odds are we will be there helping get them the treatment they need, followed by rehabilitation, and then a safe return to the sport. If you have any questions about our sports medicine program, or to make an appointment, please call the team at Urgent Orthopedic Specialists, (432) 520-3020.

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