MRIs and Orthopedics

As orthopedic surgeons, we are charged with taking care of patients’ musculoskeletal system. That includes the bones, joints, muscles, ligaments, tendons, nerves, and skin. Many of the problems we see involve the joints, whether it’s a torn ACL on a football player or a torn rotator cuff on a baseball player or just the general […]

When Injections Are the Way to Go

Surgery to relieve pain should always be the last treatment option. That’s the goal of our pain management strategies at Urgent Orthopedic Specialists. But sometimes physical therapy or the ongoing use of oral pain medication isn’t working. In these cases, corticosteroid injections may be effective. Injections can provide longer lasting relief from pain and inflammation […]

The Power of Platelets

Everyone knows that platelets are critical to wound healing. Platelets are the part of the blood that clumps together to form a blood clot to stop a wound from bleeding. But what people don’t know is that platelets also play a key role in healing that wound and rebuilding the new tissue. So, what if […]

Understanding Osteoarthritis

Arthritis and our joints are inexorably linked. Arthritis is a broad term that covers over 100 diseases, but its basic definition is “inflammation of the joints.” At Urgent Orthopedic Specialists, we primarily deal with a certain type of arthritis, osteoarthritis. Known as “wear and tear arthritis,” most people don’t even know they are suffering from […]

Problems with Your Hips

Because the hips feature large bones, many people don’t think of them when it comes to orthopedics. The knees, shoulders, and even the ankles can seem more destined for overuse and damage. Ah, but your hips will let you know when they’re not happy. At Urgent Orthopedic Specialists we can figure out what’s happening and […]

Arthroscopic Knee Surgery

Recovery After Arthroscopic Knee Surgery

In March’s blog we described the process involved with arthroscopic knee surgery, including what kinds of injuries/damage can be addressed with this minimally invasive surgery. But what about afterwards? How soon can you get back to doing the stuff you like? Let’s get into that this month. First 72 hours are key There are some […]

Cleaning Up a Knee

The development of the arthroscope and miniature surgical instruments and techniques has dramatically changed surgical procedures. These technological advances have really made a difference in orthopedic surgeries. Arthroscopy can now be used to diagnose and treat a wide range of knee problems, making for far easier, faster recovery times. At the Urgent Orthopedic Specialists, we […]


Some people misunderstand the word “fracture.” They assume a fractured bone isn’t a broken bone. Nope. The word fracture actually means “the act or process of breaking or the state of being broken.” While we’ve spent many of the last blogs addressing ligament damage, this month let’s get into broken bones. What is a fracture? […]

A Torn Meniscus

You’re in your 50s and one day you were doing something seemingly harmless: getting up after sitting on the floor, subtly changing direction while catching a Frisbee, even pushing your lawnmower from a side hill. You feel an instant twinge on the front of your knee. It’s not sharp pain, but you feel it. You […]

Patellar Tendon Tear

Patellar Tendonitis or Tear?

You were out for a run or playing some recreation basketball or touch football and the next time you walk up a flight of stairs you feel pain at the bottom of your kneecap on the front of your knee. Sometimes people assume the worst — they’ve torn their patellar tendon. That’s partially right, but […]

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