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What is A Fracture?

bone fracture midland txA fracture is a break or crack in a bone that occurs when the bone cannot withstand the amount of force being placed on it. A fracture is usually the result of trauma, a fall or a direct blow to the body. The severity of a fracture usually depends on the force that caused the break. A bone may be completely fractured or partially fractured in several different ways. Treatment for fractures may include a splint, cast or surgery, depending on the severity and location of the break.

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Bone Fracture Treatment

bone fracture midland txA displaced fracture may require the broken bones to be realigned, prior to splinting or casting. Patients with displaced fractures may require surgery to realign the bone. This is most often done as outpatient surgery at the Texas Surgical Center under anesthesia. Some minor displaced fractures may be corrected in the office under a local anesthetic. Internal fixation devices, including plates, rods or screws, may also be used to maintain proper position of the bone during healing.

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Types of fractures

The main categories of fractures are displaced, non-displaced, open, and closed.

  • Displaced fractures— The bone snaps into two or more parts and moves so that the two ends are not aligned. If the bone has broken into many pieces, it is known as a comminuted fracture.
  • Non-displaced fractures— The bone cracks either part or all of the way through, but it does not move, and it maintains the proper alignment.
  • Open fractures— The bone breaks through the skin. It may initially break through the skin and then recede into the wound.
  • Closed fractures— The bone breaks, but there is no puncture or open wound in the skin.

How Long Does it Take for A Fracture to Heal?

fracture treatment midland txFractures may take several weeks to several months to heal, depending on the extent of the injury. During the healing phase, physical therapy is often recommended to restore normal muscle strength, range of motion, and flexibility.

If a fracture is not fully healed after 90 days, bone stimulation can be used as a safe, non-invasive way to stimulate natural healing.

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